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Mold Sampling Inspections

Get your copy of the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation's Consumer Mold Information Sheet Right Here.

It may be a good idea to have a mold inspection when:

  • You see probable mold
  • There are areas that are wet
  • There was a past water event that has been corrected
  • There is a mildew smell in the home
  • You are sentive to molds

Enviro Fox Mold Sampling Inspections consist of 4 air samples, taken from areas of concern to you. We can also take swab samples if there is visible mold that you want tested. The samples are documented on a Chain of Custody form and mailed overnight express to a laboratory for testing. Lab results are emailed to us, usually in 24-36 hours (longer if over a weekend or holiday). The lab's report includes the prevalence of molds in the samples, the types of mold in the samples, and a description of the hazards associated with these particular types of molds. The lab report and our report, which includes photos, are provided to you within a few minutes of our receipt of the report from the laboratory.


Sampling Inspection 


Additional Samples

 $79 Each

Swab Samples

 $79 Each


Fees include costs of mailing and laboratory charges.